Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kelsea aka The New Big Sister!

Patiently waiting
for her freshly born brother
To wake up,
so she can hold him! ....

While singing one of her favorite lullabies softly and sweetly to him!
This song is from an awesome CD of children's songs. 
If you don't have this CD, 
and have children, 
you should go grab one of your own! 
Just like this Nana!!

 It's a Big World
By: Renee & Jeremy


The Picketts said...

First of all, super cute new blog! Second... What a perfect big sister who is absolutely adorable!

The Hamilton Family said...

Love it!!! She is so in love with her baby brother and is going to be a pick help to her momma. I love how Caden's eyes are so alert while she is singing to him. My mom and I were just talking about getting a book and C.D. with lullabies. Where did you get it?

pops said...

"Dream my yettle baby" awesome.

Laci said...

Oh Kelsea! That was simply adorable. Camden sure looks like he enjoyed that.

The Hamilton Family said...

Even with 7 hours of sleep I still managed to mispell some words.

Kelly said...

That was absolutely PRECIOUS!! Such a sweet big sister, Kelsea!!

Amy said...

Too cute. I swear she's the most adorable little girl ever.
And Jan, your background is adorable, I'm in love!