Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Are 3, and Jumping...... Weeee

With chilly temperatures and rain in the forecast, 
the twins' party was moved from the park
 to Jumping Jacks. 

Just killing time.
Waiting for their friends
Mustaches from the quarter machine,
I think Quinn's hurts!
Quinn playing with toys.....
why not the slides and jumpers Quinn?
That's better, more fun too!
The cake room           
Time to celebrate!
Laci did a great job on the decorations
and pictures of the little firemen.
Cupcakes and goodies

They're ready for the fun stuff
Make a wish and blow out the candles!
...and just because she is adorable,
this is Macy eating her cupcake!
Boppa and Jace....buddies!
Happy Birthday boys, we love you little guys to pieces!


Kayla said...

So fun!!! I think there is a Jumping Jacks out here!

Happy Birthday to Jace & Quinn...

Seriously love the mustaches!!

Melissa said...

Great post. You're so sweet to include Macy. :)

Lopez Life said...

So creative! So fun!

Amy said...

VERY cute!