Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visiting 3043 & 3047

While we were visiting my parents this weekend, Kackie and I were looking at some old pictures. What fun that was! We came across this one and I knew I wanted to scan it and post it. This is really a flashback! Uncle Bill, sweet Auntie Rita, Yohanna, and Gene. Eons ago!
So, while we were on our way home, I thought it would be fun to drive past the house my mom and aunt grew up in.The house on the left is the first house they lived in when they moved to California. Papa built the house on the right and everyone moved to the new house and rented out the old one. Later I lived in the house on the left with my mom and brothers, my grandma and Papa still lived in the house next door.
In the early 80's, after a large earthquake, Gramdma sold the house and moved in with my mom. She was afraid "the big one" would hit and she would be stranded in La Crescenta all by herself.


Amy said...

Love these flashbacks and stories. So fun to see photos of family members from 'way back when' too :).

Lori said...

Boy I loved that house. It brings back lots of fond memories!