Monday, April 12, 2010

My Sweet Auntie Rita

This weekend had to feel like Mother's Day for my Sweet Auntie Rita. She has eight children. Most of them live in the same state as she does. Two live in neighboring states. Rarely are all her kids together at the same time.Well, she had all of them visiting on the same weekend. Without the grand kids, it had to be a much quieter family affair. You can only imagine what it's like if all are gathered at the same time. It's staggering, the amount of grand, and great grandchildren she has. I don't even know the amount, but she does! Auntie Rita has ALS, and she is a very brave woman. You can go here to see some very touching pictures my cousin Jenni took. Jenni is Auntie Rita's granddaughter, and a budding photographer. She captured something very special, very touching photos-- a memory forever saved...and that is priceless.


Amy said...

Love it, you always have the sweetest posts :)

Dana said...

The flowers are so pretty. If that's what the arrangement you sent looks like, you made a very good choice!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Thank You Jan, the flowers are even prettier then the picture. I love you and your sweet family.