Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another day @ Nana and Boppa's

So, today was a great day. Everyone played well and and got along.
How sweet is this? I love it that Braeden has learned to read and write.....and can write just what's on his mind. Ryan and Allie came over, adding more fun to the mix!
We had a nice family dinner, and it was time for each family to make their way home. After everyone was gone, this is what I found! I guess that's what I get for teaching the kids how to climb a tree.How they got all this stuff up in the tree, and managed to wedge it all in, is beyond me. Luckily this Nana knows how to climb this tree, avoiding a call to the fire department about a Kitty, and a couple of babies in the tree .


The Picketts said...

How fun! I just know they LOVE their Nana and Boppa! And ESPECIALLY since Nana knows how to rescue a kitty and a couple of babies. Super Hero Nana is what Gracie would call you! Love it!

Terri Smith said...

Nana sure knows how to entertain! Looks like a Day In Disney Land! Loved this post! Your babies are precious..truly precious!

Blessings, Love and Monday Sunshine, Terri