Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getaway Weekend

This weekend Jerry and I went to my parents for a visit. We have a great time, as usual. We had dinner at El Sids, yummy. I was really enjoying the indoor patio dining. Just outside the window were the cutest little finches eating seeds from a sock feeder, very entertaining! I really wish I had my camera in my purse!
We also helped take out a very large entertainment /media center from the great room. That sucker was huge! Coincidentally, a new TV stand arrived soon after we did on Friday. With the new in, and the old out, we went shopping for the new 55" flat screen that would call the new stand home.This beauty is awesome., AND it has WIFI on board! Can you say envious?
Now, Dad just has to learn all the new tricks this baby does.

Spring has shown it's face in the mountains. The flowers are just beautiful! I walked around this morning with Shadow, my brothers dog, accompanying me. The Dogwood tree is in full bloom.The Lilac bushes are doing their best to out shine each other, lavender...and white varieties. Next week this Wisteria should have all of it's buds fully blooming, should be spectacular, there are tons of buds!Everything is so pretty, including the meadow . It is so green with these sweet little purple flowers everywhere.All too soon it was time to end our weekend. This is nature showing off on the Grapevine, near Gorman. It was a little hazy so these pictures don't do the colors justice.
Also, Lake Pyramid appears to be full for a change. Usually when we drive past the water level looks like it is 8 to 10 feet low. Today you can't see the water line.
Oh, and today is my niece Cassie's birthday. Happy birthday Cassie, I hope your first day of being a teenager was a perfect day!

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