Sunday, April 11, 2010

Braeden's Field Trip

Friday I was invited to tag along with Braeden's class to the Mary Vagle Museum and Nature Center. It's amazing that right in the middle of a large city you can find wildlife like this!Kevin rode on the bus with Braeden and his class, while Dana, Kelsea, and I followed.
This nature center is awesome! There are so many animals to see, and things to learn about their habitats. There is a huge pond just outside the doors of the museum. There were ducks, fish, tadpoles, and turtles living in it.At first I thought this was a turkey...No! It's a duck that originally came from China. They are domesticated there and used as pets. This Mallard was taking a little snooze. These noisy guys, actually there were 4 girls and one boy, were making sure the kids stayed off the grass. How do I know this? Because I learned that the males have a waddle, and the females do not. See, this is a perfect shot of both a male and a female.
This ground squirrel was after the seeds the birds dropped.
As we were walking into the museum, I spotted this lizard climbing up the side of the building. And lastly, two of my favorite things were abundant here.
Wildflowers and ladybugs!
Thanks for the invite, I had a great time!

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