Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Weeks Today

Yes, two weeks ago this nest was very different looking. It housed the cutest little eggs, four of them. Today, not so cute. I was reading about House Finches and I guess this is very common for them. Their house keeping leaves something to be desired. How could they go from cute little eggs to, how can I put this mildly? ...dirty birds. That's it, no need to sugar coat it. JUST DIRTY! In about 10 days I think this nest will have done it's job, and my hatching's will fly the nest.
Last year we repeated the nesting process 3 times in this spot, and one nest in another spot on the patio, totaling 4 nests and 14 new birds.

We shall see what May brings this year.

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Amy said...

I still think this is SO fun!!