Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jerry's Birthday

Saturday afternoon Jerry and I went out to the kids houses. We all went out to dinner, then back to Dana's for cake, ice cream, and presents. Dana and Mackenzi were LOADING the cakes up with candles.Before Boppa got to blow the candles out, each child got to make a wish and blow out 1 candle. They really liked this. Here is the birthday boy thinking about his wish. I hope he wished that all those candles, and the smoke from them, wouldn't trigger the smoke alarm .After we were done and ready to go home, it was decided that ALL the kids were going to spend the night. We had the truck, and not enough room for all those car seats, so we had to borrow the Rogina's rig.At last, all the angels were asleep.

...and tomorrow is another day!

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