Sunday, November 2, 2008

Toot Toot

Okay, I have several areas that I am going to cover this evening, I guess I'm tootin' my own horn!
As I looked out my window this morning, it dawned on me that I have a seroiusly green thumb! We'll, I really did know that already ( I love all aspects of working in the yard). This is what I saw, oh I've seen it all summer, but today I REALLY saw it.

These pictures are of orange cosmos. They are some of the seeds I planted last spring. The seed packet says they should grow to 3's kind of hard to see, but right up near the palm tree fronds....there is orange! Seriously they are 10 feet tall!
Then there is my morning glory bush. It has taken over part of my pickett fence. It's the funniest thing, you have to move the whole plant that has grown on the gate just to open the gate.
Gate closed

Gate open

The next on my list is my daughters! I LOVE THEM, AND THE WOMEN AND MOTHERS THEY HAVE BECOME! They are my best friends! I have so much fun when I am with them...and their kids!
I am biased, hey I'm their mom, but I think they are beautiful!


Speaking of the grand kids. They were all so cute for Halloween this year.
Braeden was a Pilot.
Kelsea was a Kitty.
Mackenzi was Dorothy.
Jace was the Scarecrow.
And Quinn was the Cowardly Lion.
This is all three together.

Then there is Braeden and Kelsea together.


It has rained on and off all weekend.
It's raining and I was greeted out my front door to this!
Tonight you can really feel fall in the air. I am ready for it! Early nights, a warm cup of coffee to warm my hands, the smell of wet blacktop, watching the rain.... and hoping for thunder and lightning, homestyle foods that smell so good, that involves COOKING! It's early in the season. I guess I'll have to cook at home for a while.


Lori said...

You do have the greenest thumb that I know of! Your yard is always beautiful! Lori

Kayla said...

Your yard is absolutely gorgeous!! I was thinking...when I get a house, I would happily let you make my yard look like YOURS!!! haha it is so pretty!!

The Picketts said...

It's DO have a green thumb and we're ALL jealous! If only SOMEDAY we could ALL be just like you, we'd seriously have some BEAUTIFUL things to look at! Thanks for tooting (uh...yeah, that's what I said)! It was fun to see the pictures!