Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

Since we were in Hawaii last week, and I didn't think to scan this before we left, it's a week late. This is an original of our wedding invitation.
November 11, 1978

Here we are 30 years later!
November 6,2008


Laci said...

Looks like Dad forgot how to smile. He smiled so nicely for your wedding invite!! Very cute flashback! Happy 30th!! Love you guys!

Jan said...

Yes, he was under the impression that married life was going to be a bowl of cherries. He was smiling all the way to the alter. Look at him now...That deer in the headlight look...thinking what did I do all those years and where did they go????

shannon said...

I love it... congrats! 30 years!!! you both are such wonderful people I wish you 30 more!!!!!