Saturday, October 30, 2010

A New Day Cleansed by the Rain

I am in awe of this beautiful world we live in

Especially on a crisp fall morning

When the rain has passed through

And I am compelled to take a walk,
camera in hand

Around my yard

In a hurry to see all the beauty
this new day has brought

Before the warm sun
drys the tiny droplets that confirm that the rain

Gently fell while we slept

..but also walking slowly enough

to not harm nature's littlest helpers

No frost on our pumpkins
in Southern Cali,
Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend


Amy said...

Love your perspective - you can see it in all of your pictures. Amazing. I love how you see nature on a totally different level, it's beautiful.

Lopez Life said...

I love the pictures!

The Gustafson Family said...

Ooh..I totally love the picture with the two green leaves and the water droplets!! Very nice!!! Great pictures!!

Laci said...

Beautiful Mom!!

Crystal Hendrix said...

I bet your flowers smelled great!!

The Andrew's said...


I loovvveeee this post!!