Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crazy Weather

The weather has been really sporadic. Temperatures going from 111 a week ago Monday, to rain and temps in the low 60's this Monday. One thing we are not lacking in is beautiful clouds and sunrises! It sure would make me happy if I could take these pictures without the wires invading some of my shots. Oh well, that's life in a big city!

We have used our heater AND the air conditioner in the same week. We had a steady sprinkle today. Sun is forecast for tomorrow, and we are supposed to be back in the mid 90's by Sunday What season are we in?
Looks like we are in S'all...that's somewhere stuck between Summer and Fall!


The Andrew's said...

I love those photos of the sunset!!! GOREGOUS!!

Melissa said...

Great photos Jan! :)