Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go Kelsea, Go Kelsea....It's Your Birthday

Today Kelsea got to go to Toys R Us to pick out her birthday gift from her Nana and Boppa.
This Mickey Mouse is so funny, he was dancing and moon walking. Kelsea was dancing in the aisle right along with him.

Such a hard decision. In the end she got a set of twins, a double stroller, and a diaper bag.
She was one happy girl!
This was so fun! I think this will be how I shop for birthdays from now on.


The Andrew's said...


I love her moon walk! Such a cutie!

Love the gifts!! Super cute! She will have fun with her babies!

Dana said...

She keeps telling me what fun she had on her shopping spree with Nana. She said, "Did you know that I could have picked ANYTHING in the store?" Wow...what a lucky girl. And lucky she didn't choose something that was hundreds of dollars!!! ha ha