Friday, October 15, 2010

Four Years Ago, Today

This woman left her broken body.

Pancreatic cancer won her over.

She fought with all her being, but the cancer was stronger than she.

She loved her family, unconditionally!

Always the giving person, her favorite book...The Giving Tree


Her greatest loves?
Her grand children!

This is at Dana and Kevin's wedding.......

.....and here we are at Laci and Matt's wedding.

This is my Mom with Grandma, and Auntie Rita.
All three of these women are together again.
Three women gone on to a better place, in a few short years.
Grandma 2002
Mom, 2006
Auntie Rita 2010
Today as I reflect on past memories,
I do have some comfort knowing that there is a family reunion going on for them.
I love you Mom.
You are greatly missed, all of you!


The Picketts said...

Wow - that last picture really took me by surprise for some reason and I am here crying for the first time in quite a while over those lovely ladies.
Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today...
If you need anything - not that I am all that capable of helping - but I'm more than willing. Even if you'd like to cry together.

The Andrew's said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for posting the last picture and the information. I didn't realize how close they all went with each other. I think it is incredible that these three women had the hardest battle towards the end of their lives. It just makes me think how lucky we all are to have known them, and even luckier that they are a special part of our family.


Amy said...

Love this post, it was so touching. And I loved seeing all of these photos, thank you thank you for sharing.

Lopez Life said...

I didn't realize it was all four years apart. I love the pictures!

Sandie said...

I know I am late in writing...that was beautiful! Just FYI...that last picture was at MY wedding almost 21 years ago! I, too, am comforted knowing that they are all together again and in NO pain!

Love you Jan!