Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Friend Charlie

This is Charlie's canary. This is a boy bird. He and his mate had one egg a few years ago that produced a son. Mama passed away a few months ago, Charlie was so sad. A few days later Charlie was cleaning the cage, had the door open to replace the food, and the son slipped out between the door and his arm. Charlie was devastated. He felt so bad! He went from three birds to 1 in a matter of a few days. This bird appeared to be so sad, all alone in the cage.Canary's are kind of pricey. I searched on Craig's List and found one for a very reasonable price. It was from a private party, and, more than half the cost of what the pet store charges.
So, I surprised Charlie with this sweet little apricot girl, for the lonesome boy.
Guess what?
Hopefully this cage will be back to having three birds in no time! Charlie asked if I could make something to help keep the bird seed from making such a mess. This is what I came up with...

...a skirt for to catch the seed, and a cover for the top. Mama bird also has a little privacy at her end of the cage. Hopefully this egg will hatch around the 24th of this month...

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The Picketts said...

Look at you GO! Holy cow you are amazing! I've said it once and I'll say a million times again...can I be YOU when I grow up?!