Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hi! It's Kelsea...

Mommy helped me hack into Nana's blog today. I just wanted to show you, all her friends, something so crafty she made for me and my cousin Mackenzi. She made these dresses for us yesterday morning. She even made us flip flops to match. Aren't we lucky girls??? I know we are! I want Nan to know that I love her very much.
It makes us so happy that she makes us such "jazzy" things.

Oh la la!


Crystal Hendrix said...

Those are very adorable! You are very lucky to have such an amazing grandma!

The Picketts said...

Lucky Lucky girl! You are sooo lucky to have a Nana that loves and adores you so much! Give her a HUGE hug and big KISSES because some little girls aren't as lucky as you to have such a crafty Nana!
And Jan - SOOOOO SUPER CUTE! You may have to teach me when I come visit! :o)

...Crystal... said...

Wow Kelsea! You and Kenzi are going to look SO cute in those adorable dresses! Your Nana is awesome!