Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hi, My Name is Hurley

My family said I could stay at Nana's for the weekend.It's like being in the best doggie hotel ever. There is so much to do. I am getting all the naps I NEED. I can play ball whenever I want, without little hands taking it away from me. There is even a big black kitty I've been trying to catch!You can't tell from the picture of me, but my hair is standing on end.Last I saw it, it was right here...on the bird bath.Yep, smells just like a kitty.I'll just take it easy and wait for that darn cat to come back.Did you call me? I'm right here with my ball just waiting to see if kitty comes back.
Too bad that old dog of your's doesn't want to play with me..Oh, and get this...I went in and climbed into bed, and Nana just let me stay there!
She even rubbed my back with her toes.

What...the water on the floor? You know I would NEVER do that!

Really, I'm not allowed!


Melissa said...

Ha ha! Cute story!

Lori said...

How cute is this!! So glad the flower post today made you smile ~ they make me smile too!! Happy Monday Jan.

KaylaBug said...

I love this story! Hurley is SPOILED lol

Laci said...

Thanks for doggy-sitting Hurley. Yep, she sure was spoiled. I think it was quite the adjustment getting back into the groove of sleeping on the floor and having six dirty little fingers pulling at her 24 hours a day!! I even caught her on the couch a few days ago!! :) Thanks Mom (and Dad)!!