Saturday, July 10, 2010

On a Roll

Remember this fabric? Yes, I made a tablecloth with it. I also plan to make new window treatments in the kitchen with it. I want to accent with aqua. I think the two colors, when paired, have a vintage look.
I just finished these towels. One is a tea towel
the other a hand towel.
These were really easy to do and make plain old towels look cute!
I love the colors together. Now, where did I put my ambition... and that darn paint brush!
Oh, and I can't believe this is post # 301!


Dana said...

Those towels are so cute. I love them. Think of all the possibilities with the holidays!!!

The Picketts said...

OMG! Can I LIVE with you? My creative mojo is in a funk and I absolutely ADORE these little projects you are coming up with! :O)

Laci said...

Love them. That blue damask....ahhh, I love it!