Friday, March 26, 2010

We NEED to do This Again!

This all started with Sandie's kids being on spring break. She wanted to take the two youngest of her four to do something fun. The older two were on a trip with the school band. She decided to go to Diana's house in Arizona. Well, Cindy was up for a road trip, so she tagged along. I heard about it and decided I wanted to go have a little fun too. Well, let me tell you....I didn't have a little fun, I HAD LOADS OF FUN! We shopped, giggled, played laser tag! laughed, and just did silly things. Sandie's kids were so fun. They had never seen a palm tree and just wanted to hug one, crazy kids! We were driving and Chris kept telling me ..."Oh, take a picture of that fat short one". "Look at that really tall and skinny one, get that one too" We started out our day with visiting one of Diana's friends that has a Cricut, we needed to borrow it for a few craft ideas. Then we were off to Hobby Lobby, I had never been in one. I'm so glad we don't have them in sunny CA. I would be in there all the time! We all went to play Laser Tag! WOW, what a kick in the pants! So, so fun!
After we picked up a few pizza's at Costco, where we saw palm trees up close and personal. This Yucca poked both Chris and Tiffany. I don't think they knew just how sharp the leaves were... they know now!I'm not sure if anyone saw THIS old lady lying down, on the blacktop, in a Costco parking lot, just to try to get a feel of how tall this tree was. The night sky swallowed up the top on the tree. After pizza we had time for playing games, Cindy was playing with Gracie and Sienna, ......and then the four of us, Cindy, Sandie, Diana, and I had time to do what we do best....FARMVILLE! What a sight, all of us sitting around the family room with our laptops on, playing Farmville! Friday morning was time for everyone to travel back to where we came from.Load 'em up. Plenty of munchies, snacks, or travelers. Everyone has a different name for them.This car is going to Colorado. Chris let it be known that he was "A sexy BEAST!" He is also my newest BMF (best male cousin friend), and Tiffany is my newest BFF, (best female cousin friend). I guess we should have added a "C" to the mix. Cindy blowing kisses! OH cousins! You really need to participate if we do this again! You all are so lucky to have so many sisters! I only wish I had them. Diana suggested we do a women's retreat, maybe she will plan the next get together!
Until then...ta ta for now See you next time!!

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Sweet Grandma Rita said...

I am so sad that no one got a picture of that lady laying on the blacktop at Costco. That would have been almost as priceless and as funny as the whole palm tree picture thing.
It looks like everyone had a blast!! You all definitely need to do it again.