Sunday, March 7, 2010

Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day for Braeden's little league. Last year he played T-ball, this year is farm. Kelsea is the bat girl, while Kevin is one of the coaches.
Braeden is on the Tigers again this year.
I'm not sure, but it looks like Braeden thinks his team will be # 1 this year!


The Hamilton Family said...

What a little slugger he is, just like his daddy. I love baseball season, they always look so adorable with their uniforms on. Go Braeden and the #1 Tigers.

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Internet is back! Yeah! I remember all the little league games with all my boys and part of my girls. Time consumming but so fun, Except for the hard benches LOL I have been going thru pictures and found lots of Brian, a few of Rick, and so far none of Doug. or the girls. Probably not that deep yet. What fun memories. I am almost a little jealous!

Terri Smith said...

Ah..GO Braeden! GO Braeden! Don't ya just love baseball season? My daughter played little league (won't date myself in telling you the year) but I recall the fun, the laughter, the parties involved with every win! Such happy times!

Blessings, Joy and Monday Sunshine, Terri