Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Happiest Place on Earth

Yep, that would be MY house with out of state visitors, Diana and her family. Double the happiness when Laci comes with her three in tow. We had a fun day of chatting (the adults), lunch, and lots of playing (the kids).Most of the back yard toys are put away for the winter. However, we keep a few toys out for easy access. Kelsea is a real dare devil. She is a climber and has no fear. Mackenzi wanted to climb the tree with Kelsea...the problem is the chair is too heavy.
Kelsea to the rescue! Happy Mackenzi! Gracie was in charge of driving the pirate ship. All aboard mateys! Only one taker so far.
Hurry everyone, into the ship...we have a real pirate trying to takeover!Whew, she didn't want to take over, she just wanted to jump ship....ha!
Where was Mackenzi during all this? Fishing for lunch.After lunch, Laci grabbed the camera and took a few shots of her three. Thanks Laci, I needed to update the pictures on the walls.


Jason Pickett said...

GREAT shots! Especially that last one of Kenzi! SO cute! Thanks again!

The Picketts said...

P.S. That last post wasn't REALLY Jason... :o)

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Adorable pctures. It looks like you have a flyer with those two pictures of Kelsea.