Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Re-purposed Room Has a Name

Remember this, my newest room makeover? We used to call it the toy room. It held all of the play things for the precious kids that visited during my days as a daycare provider. The kids are long gone, and the need for change was due. I love the look of the room now. I spend almost all of my time in here. My computer and TV are here. All the crafts I do, I do in here too.I still have toys tucked away in ottomans for when the grand kids come to play. My daughter Laci and I were going through blogs and saw a pillow that had the words Nest, with a definition. Perfect! this room will now be called the Nest! While I was at Diana's, she borrowed a Cricut machine from one of her friends. I was so excited to get home and apply my words to the wall.
The wording is perfect. I recently added this little beauty to the shelf If you should find yourself sitting in my Nest, at my craft/computer desk, and look out the back door, this is what you'd see.

These birds are House Finches, and I love them! The daddy bird is very helpful in building the nest.Once the nest is built, and the eggs have been laid,mama waits patiently for daddy to bring her food.I also have three eggs. This year I'm going to try to get pictures of the newly hatched babes. Springtime is the best!


Sweet Grandma Rita said...

The perfect name for the perfect room. It was perfect as the toy rrom and now it is perfect for it uses now. In a home that has such good memories for friends and family, it will bring new and sweet memories for kids and adults who visit.

Dana said...

I love this post. Your vinyl looks really cute on your wall.

The Picketts said...

YAY! It looks SO good and I LOVE the placement of the little bird! It's PERFECT! I've decided that my little house finch has a punk for a baby daddy! I never see him do anything for her. She must have settled! ha ha ha! Hopefully he'll be more helpful as the time approaches for the little ones to arrive! Good luck with your little finch family!

Amy and Cody said...

I love the name of the room and the decorative bird that you have in it!!! SO adorable!! And the vinyl wall font is seriously the best ever, I love!!