Monday, March 8, 2010

This Place is Going to the Birds!

It seems that there is a trend happening in my home. Tucked away in places, in several rooms, are little birds. Not the real kind, but those made of plaster, resin, and cement. It's a matter of time before the real kind set up housekeeping on my patio. They really love it here . I guess I do like birds, fake birds more than real though. I had my cousin Diana here last week and she brought me a little sumpin, a bird feeder! A dang cute bird feeder. I do like birds, however I am not a fan of bird seed. I am far too anal about my yards to allow wild grasses and weeds to grow when the seeds are spilled. I thought about hanging it outside for when our yearly visitors arrive. I thought maybe dried fruit would be a better food...heck I don't even know if House Finches like fruit. So, a better idea popped into my head, take a look!I used a little hot glue and this feeder has a permanent place to perch, in my newly redone all purpose room.
This little guy has an angry look, but I can assure you he is really happy with his new home! Let me show you around, introduce you to all my birds and the places they call home.
Don't get me wrong, this Nana's favorites are still Ladybugs ! And of course, a ladybug bird house!

Oh, and speaking of darling little birds, hop on over and check out this talented artist! She has THE sweetest little birds ever! Her roosters are fabulous too!
*sidenote* The page that had the darling birds on it has been removed. You can still check out Terri's work at


Crystal Hendrix said...

I have always loved your decorations! And then knowing that you love Lady Bugs, I SEE them everwhere! And I think Oh Jan would LOVE those :D

The Picketts said...

What a great idea for the bird feeder! I wish my thumb was as green as yours! Any chance I can talk you into coming to visit me for a week and helping to whip my back yard into shape??? lol!

I LOVE your birds and ladybugs and whatnot! And I think, after being at your place, Green is my new color! I'm SO looking at Green to decorate SOMETHING!

Terri Smith said...

Jan, your photographs are wonderful! Loved the sign..making the days count..but the birds (my new addiction) were my absolute favorite.

Blessings, Joy and Wednesday Sunshine, Terri