Sunday, March 28, 2010

Springtime Happenings

Earlier this month Diana came here for a visit. While she was here we went shopping and this is one of the items she purchased. Little did she know a few short weeks later this would be "home" for a feathered friend.Can you see it?Here's a closer shot. She called me so excited. She likes the bird that come to nest and share their babies with me every year. She was so happy to get to have her own bird family. Diana took a picture of the nest and was excited to have one little blue egg inside. I had to have a look for myself, and was a little jealous that her bird family has such a pretty place to call home. My bird family just sits atop a beam under my patio cover. While I was taking pictures I was so excited to share with her that since the last picture she took, there was not just one egg, but three! I love how the mama bird knows just how to make a sturdy nest for her babies yet at the same time weaving only the softest of findings for their bed. We borrowed her living area for a photo shoot of us girls. All the while Mama was hiding in a nearby tree.......looking this way......and that way, to make sure no harm would come to her babies. Mama birdie, we know just how you feel, we would do the same for our babies too!

On a funny note, while we were taking this picture I left my purse on the driveway. Guess who has perfect aim and backed her car over my purse, even stopping on top of it before pulling forward again? That's right, Diana! Luckily I had lots of coins that made my wallet fat. The only thing inside that was broken was a hair clip! My phone, glasses and lotion were not harmed!

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The Picketts said...

Oh sure...just rub it in that I was an AIRHEAD and backed up over your purse! ha ha ha! I love these pictures - and I'm stealing/linking them to my blog! Man, we sure had fun!