Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We're Fat Like That!

Tonight when I read Dana's blog , this is what it said:

As the sun was dipping from the sky tonight we headed out for ice cream cones. It was beautiful and cool so we rolled down the windows and let out hair blow. It's nice to do that every so often, when you've got no where special to go--just let your locks get windblown. I love to close my eyes and feel it cool my cheeks! We made a stop by Geeg and Teets house and beckoned for them to join us for some sweet creamy bliss! Kevin did not consume two (double scoop) cones. He was caring for mine as I snapped the picture. He joked that it was an attempt to hide his still plump cheeks from his wisdom teeth extraction last Friday.

P.S. Rite Aid has double scoop cones on sale this week for 99 cents. Totally worth it. Roll your windows down and go for a ride! :)

...I knew we were going for that ride, tires burnin' rubber, because we're FAT like that!


Mamabee said...

Nice! Yes...so TOTALLY worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Why didn't you let me know too. That would help me get "fatter like that."

Amy and Cody said...

LOL, cute post from both of you. Love the picture! It gave me a good chuckle, that's fun!