Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Happy Girl!

On our way home from the river we stopped at Dana and Kevin's house to drop off a few things. Kelsea thought it was a perfect day to come home with us to spend the night. She was in such a good mood. She carefully packed her princess suitcase. She is very independent, she packs very well for a 3 year old. She even packed her ladybug shirt "cause you love ladybugs, huh Nana". She didn't care that it was a long sleeved shirt, her thoughts, I would love to see her in it. We had a great time. There is nothing better than waking up to a sweet little voice saying, "dood mornin Nana, wet's dough dit donuts". For some reason, donuts are ALWAYS the preferred breakfast while staying at Nana's. Kelsea in her car seat, purple baby sister safely buckled up with her. Donut consumed....uh oh, she just noticed she was on her way home!

While she was crying all she kept saying was that she brought clothes for "alotta days"!


Lopez Life said...

awww!!! That's so cute! Lastnight Cali opted out of a "Lopez" family outing. I guess grandmas's are just cooler to hang out with than the fam!

Mamabee said...

We all know that going home is NEVER as much fun as staying at Nana's house!