Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Spot on the River

Hard times and cutbacks are happening everywhere. Our household is no exception. This weekend, after our trip to see the big waves at the beach we headed out to the river. We arrived a little after 9 PM to a trailer that was 114 inside. The temp outside, a cooler 110...wow! It seemed to take forever to cool down but finally we had a good resting temp of 69 degrees. The morning sunshine got us out of bed early, while it was somewhat cooler, to start the moving process. Yep, we gave up our much loved spot to move our trailer to long term storage. We can still go anytime we want. There are plenty of camping spots to pull our home away from home into should we get the bug to head out for the weekend. We just have to move it into one of those spots and plug it in. The economy may have put a kink in our weekend plans, but it hasn't ended our enjoyment yet! So sad, this is our ols spot...empty!

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