Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh, this was a slow week for me. I did NOT put a kiddie pool over my body, and crawl like a turtle, just to get close enough to twin baby mockingbirds and snap a quick picture of them. I would Not subject myself to the wrath of a mama mockingbird!

I did NOT go to the market and argue with the sales clerk, while the line kept getting longer.
I did not make him void the sale and ring each item separately, only to see that he was right. I did NOT feel like a total fool! I'm a math whiz and would never make a mistake like that OR do it so publicly, NO NOT ME!

I did NOT go to my favorite store and buy a few pots of colorful flowers. I most certainly did not run out of time to plant them before our long weekend. I am an avid gardener and know plants need to be put in the ground right away.

We did NOT go to the river on a holiday weekend. There are way too many people . We can go any weekend we want and would never go out with the crowds. On our way home from the river, we were NOT two cars back from and ALMOST head on collision on Rice Road. We all know that is a very safe road to travel on, especially on a holiday weekend. Nope, NOT us!

I did NOT miss having my kids and grand kids with us this weekend. I am NOT on my way out to go see two of them right now.

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Clair said...

But you MIGHT have been right and besides bet he felt nice and smug so that will make his day.

Happy Not Me Monday!