Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Willy, Braeden, and Kelsea

Braeden and Kelsea had a sleepover last night, in the motorhome. We got all warm and cozy in the big bed (queen size), snacked on apples while watching Willy Wonka and the Choclate Factory . The movie was over and sleep soon followed. I had a somewhat restless night, again...it's a queen bed with kids that are very active sleepers great nights sleep , sleeping with two of my favorite kiddos. When the sun came up Kelsea declared "it's morning Nana!" Here's how the conversation went:
Kelsea: it's morning Nana
me: Kelsea, look at the clock and tell me what time it is
Kelsea: fordy one
me: no Kelsea, what is the fisrt number? 6 or7? What does it say?
Kelsea: it says "dood morning!"
You gotta love kids! So up we are watching Willy Wonka, again!

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