Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not a good day!

Oh yes, it started out really good. I was getting things done around here. I was on a roll, until it was time for my shower. The shower drain was draining a little slow so I called to Jerry to bring in the Zip It, it's a handy dandy little tool that pulls hair out of drains. WELL LET ME TELL YOU....I SHOULD BE BALD! The amount of hair I pulled up was seriously the size of a Guinna Pig, or maybe two of them. One got loose and clogged the drain! I was standing in muck water with a plunger for at least an hour trying to get that little sucker! NOPE! Tomorrow my favorite plumber will be making a housecall! Thank goodness we have our motorhome in the driveway, not only are we sleeping in it, we are showering in it as well!

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