Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hungry Hungry Hippos Doggies

Today Dana and the kids came into town. She went to the kitchen to fix the kids lunch. Our dogs get put on lock down when kids are here because they are ferocious and like to eat small children it's easier and they don't fight over dropped food from the kids. Our dogs are hungry all the time. They have been in some pretty good fights over food. They eat two times a day, am and pm, and any snack they can talk anyone out of throughout the day. Still, they think they are starving!
Some time later I went in the kitchen to find this....While Dana was getting lunch for the kids she left the pantry door open and the hungry fur children of mine decided to explore. Hmmm, I guess flour is considered good food. They tried to deny it but there was too much incriminating evidence. Look at those mug shots!

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Mamabee said...

Braeden thinks those pups are so sneaky!