Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This morning, by request, we ventured out to Fontana to see what Santa left the kids. First we went to Dana's house. We got to see what Santa left for them.... a skateboard, a scooter, and all the safety gear.
Braeden made sure to show us just how Santa came into their house...
Kelsea showed us how much of the carrots the reindeer ate.

Next we went to Laci's house to drop off her gift from last night (it wouldn't fit into her car with all the car seats) and to see what Santa brought Kenzi and the Bobo brothers...
The boys were playing with a squeaky toy Hurley got and rolling on the floor trying to use the same blankee to suck their thumbs.
Mackenzi was playing in her tent, with her flashlight and a tea set! She was also dancing with her My Size Barbie singing I Know You ( I think it's from Cinderella) Between the dog and Barbie, you almost can't see her.

Oh, and something random....this is what the storm blew onto our street today. It was right out front and across the street from our house. Yes, I know we are at least 40 miles away from the ocean! Yes, it is a Pelican, in West Covina! He was HUGE!

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Melissa said...

Hi Jan! Thank you for the beautiful headbands. I love them! How much do I owe you? I'll mail you a check. Thank you!!!