Monday, December 1, 2008

The Elf on the Shelf

Last night I was going through my daily bloghopping and saw the sweetest story ever for Christmas. Angie, over at Bring the Rain was talking about family traditions and told about her family and their tradition. I love love love the idea! Here's the scoop on The Elf on the Shelf. The elf is a scout for Santa. He is adopted by a family. Once he has been adopted and has a name, he has magical powers. He arrives every year just after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve. He watches his adopted kids and reports back to Santa every night at the North Pole. Then he flies back before the children wake in the morning, hiding in a new spot, and the kids have to find where his new hiding place is.
So early this morning I went on an Internet mission. My goal was to find two of these, one for Dana's kids and one for Laci's kids.

I quickly found out this was going to be tough. I called all the local book stores, from the big chain stores to the little local children's book stores. There wasn't one to be found. I really wanted to find one that I could pick up today. I did find you could bid/buy at EBay but I wanted to know that they were in my hands, and I could deliver them to the girls today. Persistence paid off! I found them at a Borders Bookstore!!!! Whoo Hoo! SAN DIEGO????? OK, being the giving, more like....gotmymindset.....gottahaveit....kindofgirl I am, off I went. So, 4 1/2 hours and 225 miles later I had both boxes delivered to the girls! I hope the kids like the tradition and their "Elf"


Kelly said...

What you won't do to bring joy to your grandkids (and others), you crazy woman! That is so adorable, although the elf looks like he could use some Christmas cookies! LOL He's a little thin.

The Picketts said...

That's a REALLY cute idea! I should keep my eye out for this so next year we can start that tradition (as I think Gracie's a little young this year). CUTE CUTE!

Alessandra said...

omg i'm so going to steal this tradition!!! that's the sweetest idea! you are such a good nana, i'm jealous!! lol

i have to tell you a short story really quick: i was at a friends house (we both went to CHS) and she asked me if i was done having babies... i said i wasn't sure due to finances, lack of help, etc etc... and i said "if i had a nana jan i would have 10 more!" and the funniest part is: she knew exactly what i was talking about!!!!!