Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our house is upside down! And I don't mean the mortgage

Last week, Tuesday we were supposed to get new carpet in the bedrooms. We thought the installation would go so much more smoothly if we moved all the furniture to the garage, which we did. Then we removed all the old carpet and pad. Jerry installed new baseboards to match the rest of the house.We had done all the other rooms when we got hardwood floors last year. Last Monday is was pouring, like I said, Tuesday was to be the install day. Ken, the carpet guy called Monday night and canceled because of the rain! Well guess what...... we have NO FURNITURE! The bedrooms are empty! So what does one do in this situation? Luckily we have the motor home in the driveway! Again, we are camping out! Oh, and Tuesday's rain....a no show! It was a beautiful day! I guess it wasn't so bad after all, I got the baseboards painted and a fresh coat of paint on my bedroom too. The best part of this story is Tuesday, our new install day, is 2 days away

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