Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2012
What a beautiful day this first day of this new year is!
It's noon,
it's 80 degrees outside, 
the sky is the most beautiful clear blue. 
There is an ever so slight breeze. 
What can I say, we live in sunny So Cal!
Mother Nature always shows off on January 1st!

The hubs
 and I have been to the hardware store. 
We are working on a project...
re-purposing an old project, 
giving it new life. 

Should be fabulous!  

We just had lunch.....
Yes, this is the perfect way to start out what is going to be a fabulous 


Dana said...

Yay for projects! Especially when they benefit your {favorite} daughter! :)

Jan said...

Funny you should say that. When Mackenzi got to take home the trundle bed you said Laci was our favorite attitudes change!