Friday, January 6, 2012

I Borrowed This from Dana's Private Blog

My Very Own Kitchen Banquette

My parents came by on Braeden's birthday to drop off one of his birthday gifts.  
We sat in the kitchen chatting about home improvements
 I have on my resolution list.
  I rattled off various projects that I hoped I would be able to complete
 (of course with the help of Dad and Mom) before my birthday in June. 
 My first "want" was an improved seating arrangement for my kitchen.  
I have really wanted banquette seating built into my dining area in the kitchen.  
I talked about how I want it to be black with bead board facing
 and a nice tall trim along the bottom of the bench. 
 I shared that I want padded cushions on top of the bench 
and cute black chairs that coordinate with the bench. 
 My mom told me of her love for "kitchen booths" and her want for one as well. 
 It was at this point my Mom had a brilliant idea.  
She knew that they could re-vamp the kids old toy box into my banquette. 
 And that is just what they did. 
 They took the toy box home and two days later, it was returned, 
delivered, and ready to be painted. 
 Monday afternoon Kevin and I painted the beauty and placed 
it in the kitchen. 
 It fits perfectly and can I just say that I LOVE IT!!! 
 It is darling and so well-made. 
 I like that we used an old, 
sentimental piece of furniture that my dad made 
and transformed it into something 
that my family will use every single day. 
 Kathy has her wheels turning on designing and creating the
 cushions for the bench.  
We painted my chairs black and they look awesome too! 
 I am in love with my eating area and have my wonderful parents to thank. 
 They are constantly surprising me with the many super handy things
 they do for me. 
I love them so much!  I am a very lucky {and grateful} girl!

When this old home we live in was just built they featured 
darling little corner "booths" in the kitchen. 
Sadly it is long gone, but my love for them is still alive. 
When Dana started talking about what she wanted
 I knew exactly what she was talking about. 
The old toy box that Jerry built for all our day care kids toys 
was the perfect starting point. 
I love how hers turned out and an anxious to see what 
Kathy whips up for cushions. 
I have no doubt they will be a darling addition! 
We are talking about just how we will build mine. 
We will start from scratch for our's.
 I have some old hutches I'm hoping to incorporate. 
I am ready for a new look in my little dining room!  
What are you working on? 


Dana said...

I heard your other {favorite} daughter is going to return her toy box in Feb. Maybe your seating will include it as well. :)

The Picketts said...

I'm so excited for how it turned out! As always, it's fabulous!

Rumor has it that there are few gals in my fam that KINDOF planning a little trip to AZ for some good old fashioned laser tag :) To which I replied "PERFECT! I'll need help finishing my nursery!" BWAHAHAHAHA :o)

Can't wait to see YOUR little kitchen nook!