Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Today would have been my Grandma's 95th birthday. So up to Forest Lawn I went for a visit. I also needed to pick up the Christmas trees that decorated her's and my mom's resting place. Today was an unseasonably warm day, with blue skies and a slight breeze.
The Chapel is beautiful!
As we drove past on our way to see mom and grandma we notices a horse trailer just around the corner from the chapel. We were wondering what a horse trailer would be doing at a cemetery. We went about our business and as we were driving past the chapel on our way out I could not believe what I was seeing. I have NEVER seen this except maybe in movies in and around New Orleans. There on the side of the chapel, waiting, was a horse drawn carriage with two drivers up top. There was also a nine person Mariachi band just behind the carriage.


I can honestly say the sight of this gave me goose bumps. I was hesitant to even take a picture. We kept a respectable distance away, and I used the zoom to get as close a picture as I could. This last picture I cropped to make it larger so you can see just how beautiful this was.
 All the family members and friends walked just behind the Mariachi band to the final resting place of this very loved person!


The Picketts said...

So glad you did this. :o) I thought of Grandma today - and miss her!

The Gustafson Family said...

Wow..pretty interesting!! Must have been a patriarch or matriarch. and oh how that music would be have been music to my ears...such memories of my childhood!

Lopez Life said...

Wow that's really cool!