Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elf on the Shelf... aka, Braekel

 A few years back I went on a search for a few Elves.
 Do you remember? 
No, well look here

So, Dana remembered to tell their Elf, (his name is Braekel), that they would be gone on Thanksgiving night. She also left direction as to just where his family would be.
Lo and behold, Friday morning who was spotted sitting on the shelf above the fridge?


I think he loved the fresh mountain air 
and warm sun....

...and hanging out with his Gnome buddies. 

He was very busy! 

Secretly flying here and there without anyone seeing him.

After dark he was spotted checking out the temperature. 
It was still warmer than the North Pole!

I don't think he knows this train never leaves the station...
however, it is 
"On a Shelf" 
On Friday night the kids got their blankets and pillows out and made themselves cozy. 
Elf on the Shelf was going to be on TV!

Kelsea let out the cutest squeal/giggle when she spotted Braekel watching all his friends on TV.

We all had a great time visiting my parents beautiful home. This is what the back side of the house looks like.

Saturday morning it was time for everyone to load up the cars for the drive home. 

 Perhaps Braekel was tired from all his activities. 
He decided to ride home with his family, 
he NEVER fly's long distance in the daylight!

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Dana said...

Thank you for documenting the happenings of that crazy little elf of ours!