Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Boutiquing

Friday we decided to leave the kids with their dad's and have a girls day of shopping. Camden came with us because the guys were taking the bigger kids out to lunch and then to a movie. My dad and Jerry had a little peace and quiet for a few hours while we were all out.

Our first stop...Chocolate Soup
I love this quaint little boutique.
 The grounds and out buildings are almost as fun as inside the store.

I love all the shades of fall!

Inside the store is delightful too.
This cat was keeping warm by the fire
 Dana and Camden on the landing in the stairwell. I love this window looking out to the parking lot.

Just beautiful!

We went inside almost all the stores, and inside one of them I spotted these beauties. 
They were screaming my mother's name. 
would have made these if she was still with us!
She is so sassy!

I just love these little old towns. So much to see and enjoy!

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Angel said...

that looks like so much fun!! We don't have shops like that in Vegas :(