Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today I Met Bruno

He was holding a bag with his "to go" food. In his other hand was an ice cream cone, chocolate dipped. He asked about the music that was playing. He wanted to know just where it was coming from. I explained that there are speakers in the ceiling. I pointed them out, showing him the circular shape and placement of each in the dining room.

Pointing, he asked "those"
me--no those are air conditioning ducts.
me--no, that is the security camera.

Then he told me some facts (according to him)

  • women are much smarter than men
  • he was in WWII
  • Jesus was born in a manger
  • he was born with the help of a midwife
  • he lived in the home he was born in for 65 years
  • his name is Bruno
  • his father's name is Bruno
  • his grandfather's name is Bruno
  • he was watching television and saw that a gorilla was recently born at the zoo and was named Bruno
  • he never had any children
  • he just might send the zoo some money for Bruno
  • he now lives in Covina, he has only lived in 2 homes all his life
  • he can't pass the driving test so he is on a temporary license
  • he was at Pearl Harbor
  • he has seen much in his lifetime
  • he has been blessed
  • he used to let homeless men live with him for $1 a day 
  • Charlie messed up the plumbing something fierce
  • he is a good Christian, so he forgave Charlie, Charlie died 3 years later
  • he told me I should make sure to lock my doors while driving
  • he said he once had two men try to get into his car...his doors were locked and when he saw they had guns...he "put the pedal to the metal" and got out of there
  • make sure you always lock your doors!
  • he loaned his sister $5,000.00 so she could buy a home in Big Bear, that was 15 years ago
  • I heard many stories about friends and loved ones that have gone to Heaven
  • he talked about a terrible accident where twin sisters were badly hurt (one later passed on),  it was a woman driver that hit them
Bruno talked and talked about current happenings as well as things that happened early on in his (80 years young) life, including that he attributes his longevity to a stress free and blessed life

As the conversation flowed I asked him about the bag he was holding and if his dinner was inside. Yes, his dinner was in the bag. So then I asked if enjoyed eating his dessert before he ate his meal? With the rather devious smile he said that ice cream tended to bring out the kid in that's my kind of guy! The sun was setting and I encouraged my new 80 year old friend Bruno, to gather his food and head on home. Reluctantly we said our goodbyes and I headed out to my car. When I turned around to see if he was following, he was standing near the salsa bar.
Today I met Bruno. 
I don't know if he was just lonely or maybe a little confused, but I feel good that I slowed down enough to listen to a man that had things that he felt needed to be said. 
When I finally arrived home with our dinner my salad was a little wilted and Jerry's food was cooler that usual but it was so worth it!
Today I met Bruno
 Tonight I will include Bruno in my prayers!


The Picketts said...

I LOVE these stories! Please keep sharing! :o)

Lopez Life said...

You are so sweet! Sometimes people just need to let it out. Have you heard that song called People are Crazy by Billy Currington? Give it a listen :)

Amy said...

Yes, I absolutely love these stories, they always make me feel like the world is a better place (especially because you are in it) what a wonderful story.

Kayla said...

You are the best story teller Jan! I love this post! Your amazing!!