Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh Yes I Did!

What have I been up to this weekend? 
Well for starters I decided I wanted to get a jump start on the holiday...


Um, no. 
We are not hosting Thanksgiving this year so I wanted to get a jump start on.. 


I tackled to big job of unloading all my treasures that are thrown lovingly placed inside of our rather large shed.
Box after box unloaded. 
Let the festive decorating begin!
So I started with our furchild, 
Isn't she sweet?
She was NOT happy about dressing the part for her Christmas photo!
She had a few bites of that red hat...
OK, maybe more than a few...

Moving right along..
Little touches in the kitchen.

Next the living room
He is one of my favorite decorations!

   I have seen some awesome framed pictures of Santa. 
I would love to hang one above this chair for Christmas!

 Thank you Laci  for cutting the Merry and Bright vinyl for me!

Oh yes I did... start my Christmas decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving!


Melissa said...

Yay! Your home looks wonderful! I'm hoping to do the same this week!

Dana said...

My kids had coughs and runny noses today so we stayed home from church. I started decorating too!

Amy said...

Ahhhh! Okay, you've convinced me to jump on the bandwagon and do Christmas early too, your decorations are sooo cute (that snowman, swoon!) and seriously Jan, your house is beautiful!