Friday, December 10, 2010

Way up There

This boy has walked this wall for what seems like forever. It started when he was a tiny little boy, sad that he had to go home. We would get him in the front yard by asking if he wanted to "walk the wall". I would lift his little body up to what seemed like a really high wall. He would walk from one end to the other while securely holding tight to my hand.
These days he can be found jumping up on his own,
not needing the security of a hand to guide him.
Trees also seem to be a favorite thing for Braeden and his sister to climb. Almost as soon as the car is put in park, the two of them are racing to the back yard to see who gets in the tree first. Luckily we have an awesome family friend that just so happens to own Glendora Tree Surgery. They come out and do an outstanding job trimming our trees. The kids like when the tree is heavy with leaves and they can climb and hide way up there. I prefer to have the tree neatly trimmed so I can see just where the little monkeys are.
Doesn't it look great?
Resting atop a 6 foot wall? For a 5 and almost 7 year old.......
that's way up there!


Dana said...

Those are some CUTE kids!

Amy said...

That is the coolest tree EVER! Perfect for climbing!! What kind is it? I SO want to plant one in our yard!!!!