Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trying it Again

These camera straps are fun to make.
I'm working on getting them just so.
See the little pocket?
For the semi pro photographers...a place for business cards, or a cute little place to put all the money you are making. It also works for a lens cap holder for the back yard photographer...
like me!
These two cuties are off to their new owners.
I'm off to see what color combo I want to use next!


The Gustafson Family said...

I get soo many comments on mine! Thanks!! The kids love it too...nice way to get them to smile!! I was going to say at a pocket for the lens cap as a suggestion since I am always losing mine!

Dana said...

Maybe you can add a pocket for Steph's, Mom.

Also, I love this fabric. It's my favorite!

The Picketts said...


Amy said...

Love it, those big flowers on the end are my favorite part.

Jan said...

@ Steph,
I'll make you a pocket to attach to yours
@Dana & Diana. Thanks!
@ Amy, the flowers are super easy to make!

Kayla said...

Love the Zebra!!!

The Gustafson Family said...

OH sweet!! Not only will I SOO appreciate it but Kimber and Greg too since I am always blaming them for the missing lense cap!! Thanks so much!! My lense cap is on the larger that ok??

Lopez Life said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!