Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frightful Night..Not Involving the Weather

Last night was one of those nights that a parent, or grand parent hope they never have to face.
Kelsea has been feeling a little under the weather, with the cough that seems to be going around this year. Still, she has been in a happy and playful mood. I guess that quickly changed last night. She didn't want to walk down the stairs for dinner, she wanted to be carried. By 6:30 she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. She also complained she had a headache. She was given some ibuprofen and she jumped into bed. A few minutes later she was having some sort of issues and her Mama was helping her ...that's when all hell broke loose. She was drooling terribly, her tongue was doing weird things, she started throwing up, and her speech was babbled. Kevin called a friend that was a doctor, who lived close by and came right over. He thought the worst of the episode was over, but she should go to emergency to have her checked out.
We met them at the hospital where they processed her, put her in an emergency room to wait for the DR. By the description of her symptoms he thought she might have had a Focal Seizure. He ordered blood tests, and she had a cat scan.
She was a trooper!
She just laid there while her labs were drawn,
holding very still. Then she was off to have the CT.

When she came back she was given a Popsicle.
It was after 10 PM and our little girl had been through a lot. She wanted to go to sleep. So, the light was shut off . She went right to sleep while we waited for the results of the tests.
This sleepy girl passed all her tests and was allowed to return to her cozy home with her Mama and Daddy.
This morning she has a follow up with her pediatrician.
Lets pray this was brought on by a virus and is NEVER to be repeated again!

I quickly typed this post before I was out the door to DR's appointments with Dana this morning. Kevin took Kelsea to her appointment, and I met Dana at her OG/GYN Dr. Kevin dropped her there so he could get across town to Kels appt. It stinks having TWO appointments at almost the same time. Good news all around Kelsea is fine. Her DR. does not think she had a seizure. She just has a throat/viral infection. Very common with the Gus family. Also, everything looks great for Dana and baby G too!


Dana said...

Just a further update. She is running a 99.9 degree low grade fever. She has the dry heaves and is resting watching cartoons. She is complaining that her tummy hurts and she feels icky. Poor little thing has been so looking forward to the holiday parties and gatherings over the next few days. It would be soooooo sad to have to miss them! :(

Laci said...

Oh no!! I'm so glad that it is just a viral infection and not seizures. Poor little thing. This is one time we'd welcome the flu or a viral infection rather than seizures!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

That would be SO freaky!!! I am glad she is doing ok now. Hopefully she recovers quickly from this. I can not imagine the fear that was going through you guys. Poor little thing! Hang in there little girl!

pops said...

Good to see my little pumpkin is doing better.

The Picketts said...

OH NO! I will keep Miss Kelsea B and her sweet family in my prayers that all is well for the holiday! Poor little girl. I'm glad it's nothing serious - but so sad she's sick. FEEL BETTER SOON LITTLE GIRL!