Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I found this Sweet Blog. She inspired me to be productive today, on this Tuesday! Part of her post read like this:
Do you ever find yourself tackling the little things, the really unimportant things (maybe the FUN things?) first? I certainly do. So today, I committed to to tackle the things that I knew I needed to do before sitting down at the computer and doing the things that I wanted to do.
WOW!....OK I love to plant flowers, mow the lawn and fun things like that. So today I decided I would tackle the weeds before cutting the grass. This morning was looking like a beautiful spring day! Working in the yard is very therapeutic for me. I get time alone with just my thoughts. Today's thoughts were on how I'm thankful that I don't have snakes or mice in my yard. There are three things that I am really scared of , snakes, rodents, and grasshoppers! So, I was thinking about Dana's house and how we found a snake, a baby rattler last fall. If I lived there, WHAT WOULD I DO? How would I be able to work in the yard and such.
Thinking, thinking, thinking. My thoughts are all over the place. What flowers am I going to plant this year, Am I going to do the back yard today before I go to work. Things like that, and before you know it....The weeds were pulled and the grass mowed by 10:30! DONE! On to the back yard I go. I have to be to work today so I'm limited on time! I need to weed the back too....is there enough time? Lets just start and see how much I can get done....So I decide, start on the left of the yard and work myself around.
This is the spot I plant my sweet peas most of the time. When the flowers have faded, here, in this spot, and only here, is where the kids can dig and play in the dirt. Take notice of the tree. This is a Plumeria tree. The leaves have fallen and soon it will be full of new leaves and fragrant flowers. So, some of the leaves were dried up and stuck behind the pickett fence. so I started picking them out, and what did I find right up next to the warm wall? HOLY CRAP!! I don't have snakes in my yard!! After I composed myself, I poked it with my weeding tool only to find it was the FAKE snake. The kids got it when they went to the Santa Barbara Zoo last fall! Sure fooled me!
So this cut my weeding short for today. I thought I'd play it safe and just mow! There are signs of spring everywhere. This is a Pink Jasmine almost ready to bloom.

Here is one of the first roses of the season, right next to the Jasmine.

And this, my friends, is a very determined Gerber Daisy fighting for space among the weeds. That have yet to be pulled......maybe I'll Tackle that NEXT Tuesday.


Lopez Life said...

You have such a beautiful yard!

The Picketts said...

I would have LOVED to see you jump at the sight of that snake! Too funny! I'm glad you were able to get so much done, and as always, your yard is breathtakingly beautiful! When I think of a place to spend outside - I honestly think of your backyard! AND - I think I'm inspired to do the same thing tomororw - Tackle it WEDNESDAY! (Until I start contractions, then I will sit in front of the computer ha ha ha)

Lolli said...

That fake snake would have freaked me out! I'm glad I could inspire you to do something good today! That makes me feel great! :) Thanks for the kind comment. :)

Anonymous said...

That snake is scary! I'm so jealous of the lovely blooms and sunshine and springiness of your yard!

Crystal Hendrix said...

I would have freaked out big time too and would have ran into the house and waited for Trav to come home!! I love your yard it is soo beautiful!! You will have to give me pointers on what type of flowers I can grow in some areas! I want a beautiful yard like yours!

Melissa said...

Yikes~ that snake looks big! Your yard is BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to say thank you very much for Macy's new headbands. We LOVE them!!!