Thursday, February 5, 2009

Motor Home Camping, Swinging, and Singing!

So last night as I was posting about my day with Laci and the kids, I heard little feet running into my computer/toy room. Braeden and Kelsea talked their parents into stopping by before going home. They had spent the evening at their Pops and May May's house ( Kevin's parents). It was a little after 8 and it was time to go home. As Dana and Kevin were trying to leave, the kids asked if they could spend the night....would I turn them down? Only if I had to work the next day, which I didn't! So... it was camping in the motor home, again! Willy Wonka was to be the movie, again. This morning I took them for donuts on the way home, what a treat. I haven't had Winchell's in ages! I planned to spend the day with Dana and the kids. Jerry would ride out with Kevin after he got off of work,and we would have dinner with them. We had a nice day at the park. Braeden and Kelsea were having a great time until it got cold and was looking like rain, oh well...time to go home. Laci and the kids came by and we got the girls to sing Golden Slumber. The video will post in a new post. To see a video of Mackenzi singing Ariel's Part of Your World, go to Laci's blog. Kids are just the sweetest things when they are singing, and happy! We have a couple of singers in the family! The twins just might have the need to sing too, listen to them in the background. I am very thankful that my daughters and I have such a close relationship, and that they live close enough to enable me to spend time with them and the grandkids several times a week!

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