Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taco Tuesday

Yep, that's right, we're having tacos for dinner. So are Dana's family, and Laci's family, and Ryan's family (if he makes it home from work in time), and Aunt P. Everyone is at my house for dinner, then cake and ice cream! Tomorrow is Aunt P's birthday and we are celebrating today. I work tomorrow and NEVER know what time I'll get off of work.

Did I mention that the kids love cake? Well they do! This was a couple of weeks ago, we had cupcakes for desert.Update on Kitty, he was patiently waiting for Braeden, all warm and cozy! Braeden was so excited to see him!
This is a sweet picture too. Kelsea and Kenzi are napping together on Nana's bed. Joining them is Rocket, Nemo, and baby Melody. Good thing it's a king size bed!
Yesterday I was in the kitchen making the kids lunch, and looked over to see Kelsea doing this!
Do you have any window lickers in your family? Apparently we do! What's with these girls and windows?
Braeden has a great love for anything that flies. Here is a picture of him in a shuttle at the market.

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The Picketts said...

mmmm - tacos. I wonder if I have everything for tacos. That is a FABULOUS idea! We need to chat (not about anything in particular). It's just been a few weeks since I've chatted with you. I don't even have anything to say - I just miss the melodious sound of your voice and I'm having withdrawls! he he he. I hope you're doing well!