Saturday, January 17, 2009

Giving some love to the boys too!

The last post was all about the girls. I think it's only fair to show the boys a little love too. . Two weeks ago I went with Laci to take the boys for their second half of their flu shot. They were such good little boys!

Jace is working on, and getting really good at, holding his pointer finger up to show he is almost "1". Look at these little guys, they truly are two peas from the same pod!!As I wrote before, Braeden turned five on New Years eve. I was asked to go to his 5 year old check up with him. You see, he was really MAD AT HIS MOM FOR MAKING HIM GO! So when I met them there he was all about sitting on my lap, having me go in with him for his shots, and me holding him when they drew his blood. It doesn't look like it but he was really scared. But being the big boy that he is, he did great! He had his blood drawn , three shots, and a T B test, everything he needs to go to kindergarten in August!...wait!!!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO FAST?

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Mamabee said...

Wow--those boys are all so cute. Especially the little boy who just turned five. What a HANDSOME boy! He MUST get his good looks from his mother. She must be very handsome!?!?!?!