Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here I am!

It is time for an update, Laci gave my something to write about! How do you like my new layout? My smartypants daughter not only makes beautiful cards,( see the link on the right about Valentines day cards?) she now figured out how to make layout backgrounds. I also decided I wanted to change my header to Nana Jan's Place. As some of you know, my family home daycare was called just that! Thank you Laci! I love it....and you!

I have been really bad at blogging the last couple of weeks. Work has started up for me again and I am really busy. As you read in previous posts, we got new carpet and that was a really big job. Emptying 3 bedrooms to the garage, tearing out the old carpet, pad and baseboards, painting baseboards and my bedroom .....whew. I'm tired all over again just talking about it!

I think I have a few family members that are new visitors to my blog, welcome to my blog Annette, Helen, and Marilyn! If you scroll down to the links on the side bar, there is a title that says: MY FAVORITE PEOPLE, most of them are also family members. Hop on over to their blogs and see whats happening with their families.
I'm working in San Diego tomorrow and really need to Zzzzzz.... goodnight my friends!

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